Friday, January 29, 2010

Today's Birthday Post

One daughter on the left now has her overdue
birthday blog post up, on to the next daughter.

Yes, relief has come over me. For I am caught up on one of our younger daughter's birthday celebrations!

I can already feel the heat subsiding under foot (hehehe), but another daughter is stoking the flames and awaiting this post.

Not to be outdone and seeing as how we've already had a telephone call from this daughter asking where a blog post can be found for her own birthday TODAY, I thought I had better remain ahead of the game and hustle on over here to complete this today, on time.

Happy 24th Birthday our daughter,
our forever firecracker,
our bright sunshine on a rainy day.

Little Sister, Big Sister and their Niece

With you, I shall always remember being overdue (the story of seven of our children), and waiting in the doctor's office for my appointment when the radio announcer's voice came on suddenly to announce the explosion of the Space Challenger shortly after take off.

Wow, as the shocking news subsided, I decided it wasn't such a good day after all to have a baby, and you thought so too. We welcomed you into the world the next day, our strawberry blond gal, the first ever to offer a sneak peak ultrasound into your cozy womb spot during my pregnancy.

On this day I send you greetings from the Arctic! Well it feels like we're living in the arctic today after yesterday's full day's worth of snow squalls.

Today, the air was chilly early this morning with -22C reading on the thermometer, warming up for a while to -14C. As a birthday gift, I thought to send you a pile of snow via Fed-Ex to encourage you in your love of snowboarding. :)

I chose instead to come here and offer you an uplift. Some of us already sang to you when you called, a family tradition and one that has come to be fully expected by all of you in the west. Traditions! Oh yeah! Funny how that means so much to all of you, so we do it, we sing to you. That's why they're called traditions, right?

For those who don't know, this daughter holds rank in the family order right smack near its center.

She is our fourth child and the older sister to the four younger ones. She has always managed to swing with strong relationships between her older siblings right down to her ten year old sister.

She's the one who had a foot in the door about moving east, and then also couldn't take her other foot from the door back in the west. She chose to remain there and has since had regrets. Life moves on though doesn't it?

As older sister, she maintains constant contact with everyone here. Her voice offers smiles and much laughter when sounding off either as burly professional to silly gal antic tones. She can lift anyone's doldrums just by the sound of her voice.

First photos; Auntie and new Niece! Dec/09

She loves being auntie to many thus far, and was the first to visit her newest niece in the west, proud to take a few photos to send to mom, dad and family over in the east. We were all thrilled by her thoughtfulness.

Today, this very day, is her birthday. Yes it is.

Today she remarked how we owe her a birthday breakfast next time we are together. She nabs those traditions any time she possibly can because they are after all - Tradition around here with a capital "T".

Catching a birthday breakfast while he was in town
even if it was a few months after her birthday.

She caught her dad last time he was visiting in the west, to have a birthday breakfast later in the year at her very favorite restaurant with her very favorite waffle topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

And then, when either myself or my husband travel west for any reason, business or pleasure, she's right there wanting to soak up all of the time she has available, just to be near us and "hang out" together.

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday TODAY!

Love you lots ;)