Monday, January 25, 2010

Making our mark!

Making our mark!

Okay, so now it's after the fact I previously tooted the Olympics, the Olympians and the entire nation's children/teens at large.

Now it's my turn. We the parents try hard too, ya know? Yep, I know you know...snicker

Two years ago my hubby gifted me with a brand new pair of ice skates. I used to own a pair, for many years in fact, ones that were so nice and worn in, offering a cozy and perfect sculpting of my feet while wearing them but after our move east, something happened to them.

They simply vanished. Off the face of the earth for sure.

So, feeling sorry for me when we were eventually realized we ourselves owned a lovely property with a natural forming ice rink out back, I became the proud new owner of another new pair.

The skate box is now awaiting pickup in the recycling bin

Question; Ever try to wear a brand new pair of leather ice skates the first time?

The second time?

The third time?

Yep, they all feel the same to your feet -

I LOVE my toe picks!

Being the good sport that I tend to be as I age, the younger children and I headed out on a wee adventure last Friday afternoon. The sun was high in the sky, perfect for a skating session on a local outdoor arena.

This is what happens when you have older brothers

in ice hockey.

Girls get boy's skates without toe picks and they fall often at first.

Arriving, we realized we had the entire ice to ourselves.


Just prior we made a coffee and hot chocolate run. I've not shared the fact our coffee pot is on the fritz, standing there and hitting the on button about nine times just to afford myself one cup of the hot cuppa stuff, now becoming very frustrating! Note to self - new coffee pot and soon.

I was trying to be frugal, keep on using it because we could. My patience level is running LOW. So, with a gift card in hand, we hit a Tim Hortons for some

Olympian wanna be! NOT!

With camera in hand, I couldn't resist snapping a few pics, encouraging the children to get their sea legs and becoming confident enough alone out there before tying up my own skates.

And besides, I did mention I had a hot cup of coffee with me, right? And oh, it was sippy cup scrumptious to me to savor the flavor right there and then.

Savor the java bean why don't I? Oh yeah....

Okay, after my skates were on, I was off, a bit unsteady at first as it had been a while. When I was young, my parents drove us ice skating every Sunday afternoon for years and years both on a frozen lake or at the local ice arena.

I grew up listening to the "Everly Brothers" and their big hit wonder; "Dream, Dream, Dream" resounded inside those arenas every Sunday.

So here now, I am attempting to break in my new skates.....still! Dream, Dream, Dream fills my head and determination visits. I will wear them in until they are actually comfortable.

Skating outdoors in the fine sun fast became wonderful and totally exhilarating!

It was COLD and my nose was ROSY Rudolph RED.

Overall in summation - it was so beautiful outside and the fresh air was refreshing.

We three made a vow to improve our fitness levels in 2010 with one another. One item on our list is to hit the rink three times each week from now on until such time as the winter outdoor rink season is over.

Today was supposed to be our day. Can you believe it's raining?

The rink was closed.

Lest you feel we did nothing instead today, I have a huge surprise coming for you in another post!