Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Fever

It's almost time for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

It's been a very long TEN years since the initial announcement came in audible waves in our little corner of the world. The province of B.C. rejoiced with the rest of Canada at large and began to dwell on all the possibilities as host of the world's Olympic games in 2010.

Yes, we are originally from B.C. and only became 'Ontarions' much later than the media hype first began.

In fact, we thought we'd still be living there during this time with the games imminent. And then , just like the snap of a finger, we were moved when a work transfer was announced one day at my husband's work.

There has been much drama throughout the past ten years with regards to the Olympics. Many obstacles have been overcome with regards to the terrain on coastal areas for the driving path toward the Whistler mountains where much of the outdoor skiing and games are to be held.

An entirely new transit system has been built and a whole host of transportation changes have been made, even since the short time we've been living away from the area.

It's been amazing to watch the growth each time we fly for a visit with the rest of our family, seeing the renewed and heightened modes for movement and the hustle and bustle of the city when it comes to the anticipation of not only hosting the games, but the entire world at large.

The magazines are on the newsstands and the souvenirs are around every corner in the shopping malls, online and in newspaper ads.

2010 Olympics - Here We Come!

And then there are those news stories threatening to dampen all things. Intrawest, owner of Blackcomb/Whistler mountains and most of the town, the exact geographical location where the Olympic skiing will take place, have once again missed another payment and is currently moving thick into bankruptcy mode.

Will someone save the day? Hmmmmm....

One can't help but think; But what of the athletes and all those red gloves people are donning from coast to coast in sincere support for them all, those people waving and cheering them onward towards a gold medal or maybe several in fact?

Sure the media is off and roaring with the usual emotional and mental hype to create anxieties and nail biting situation for all involved with a financial stake in the games, why would they even dare attempt to bring them to light, try to deliberately dampen spirits of those awaiting a lifetime of hopes and dreams, training so hard along the way to ultimately begin imagining their ascent up the steps to the winner platform for their medal presentation?

The Olympic torch made its way through our part of the country two weeks ago.

A sea of Olympic red gloves waved wildly in the air over a flock of heads, those folks attending such an event to crowd all the walkways and byways, the same place where throngs of people were cheering with such an exuberant shrill in their voice, almost happy hysterical over what has proven to become, a delight for our entire country.

We are Canadians!

The games are in our country for these games! Ya baby!
Proudly able to host the Olympics this time round, both for Canadians at large, and for our own family has allowed all of us to jump on the bandwagon, eager beavers (pun, haha) watching as the torch continues its move westward towards Vancouver.

O Canada!

As thousands of athletes prepare for a plethora of competitions next month, the entire world awaits with baited breath, in the hope of a winning country athlete representation to be awarded a gold, silver or bronze medals.

"Bringing home the Gold!" - is a term already well defined. Everybody knows what that means! Right?

Over the years, tremendous amounts of unfathomable discipline have filled the lives of the Olympic athletes, keeping them fully focused for possibilities on what lay ahead. Their dreams are about to become a reality.

Don't get me wrong here, only a handful have actually been honored with this Olympic participation threshold opportunity worldwide. So many more await in the wings for the next attempt at another distant Olympic games, well maybe.

But what of the rest of our world's athletes? Are they not like other high potentials, also well worth recognizing publicly their own sporting efforts?

Or perhaps, at the very least a growing bunch of fun loving sporty kids working towards the future? Are they not also continually hard working at their craft, or just attempting to jump their own hurdles to perfect their sporting desires and abilities?

Naturally we're cheering for Canada in this next 2010 Olympics. Who doesn't cheer for their own country anyway?

That said, I would love to remind the world to also honor all athletes worldwide - in any sporting capacity, all ages, for they too grant us pride and honor each time they step out to perform.

From those wee tykes to the best of the best, we salute you all!

All athletes round the globe really are winners, no matter their goal sheet tallies, nor their timed racing stats. They too may or may not have gold medals to prove they are winners.

Observe them through the coming years and watch how they continue to persevere, become stronger and more resilient, work harder, and begin to illuminate the way for all their youthful peers towards goal orientated future pathways.

Whatever your sporting pleasure, or that of your child's,
let's always remember to salute the "local contenders";
  • - the youngster at your neighbor ice rink who may be currently lacing up his skates
  • - the child who finally got his basketball in the basket for two points
  • - the child who doesn't have to use the "T" for any longer for batting the ball in baseball because he can hit the ball without it
  • - the teen who finally scored in his soccer game many years after becoming a player
  • - the child who can finally land on her feet when performing a somersault on the trampoline
  • - the child who radiates with a perfect toothless grin, the one who just won his first race on the track field
  • - the child who caught his father's baseball pitch while playing on the driveway
  • - the teen who beat his own best time in a swim meet
  • - the team who celebrated their first game win after losing the entire season
  • - the coach who knows how to encourage a future superstar by occasionally submitting to the philosophy of - "play hard - have fun", subsequently followed by the entire team feeling the intense weight of the world fall off their shoulders
  • - the child who finally mastered a cartwheel in the backyard and the neighborhood children all clap their hands in unison for him.
  • - the teen who spent a bulk of his own time teaching a youngster the rules of the game

All winners; One of our family "wall of fame" sporting collages

And there are NO DOUBT hundreds more examples anyone could off up for thoughtful reflection, a whole myriad of left actually, the sky's the limit to the imagination to render a little bit of sporty recognition....

THESE truly are the youth of tomorrow.

Sure, sure, they might not be on the roster for hopefuls in this year's Olympics, or never for that matter really, but their accomplishments however grand or minimal should not be ignored either.

Come on! Cheer for your own child.

Become their best cheerleader, be it only in a quiet and gentle spirit and not a full rocking loud mouth and obnoxious "parent" jumping up and down on the sideline.

So go ahead! What are you waiting for?

Cheer on the young people of the world - your child, the neighbor kid, someone you spot at the playground climbing bars like a monkey.
There's a chance they might not even have anyone else doing that for them.

Go ahead! Just do it!

Why not become involved in opening up their world on a simple and ever-cheery basis?

Cheer on the underdog, the child with no obvious talent who's sheer determination becomes teary admirable by all surrounding him. You never know what life will bring for them. It all begins....somewhere in time. It may be YOU who gives him just the boost he requires, all for the glory of God to boot!

Get on board, go for the gold with them!

Rejoice with them in the tiniest of milestones!

Give them a cheer, a pat on the back, a gentle and/or kind word, recognition, hope, or comfort when necessary.

They may or may not win anything along the way.

Winning isn't everything even though some like the results when their talent and game build to the point of being able to behold a bit of recognition. This is NOT the goal though...NOT! Sure winning feels good and offers an abundance of energy to any overworked or worn out team player, but someone has to lose, to come in dead last. Every time.

At the end of the day, there is an "A for effort award" where every person with the right attitude becomes a winner.

There is an "A for effort" for those who just move outside of their shell and try, try, try again.

Most of all, NOTHING in this world can justify that ignorant and ridiculously angry parent marching up and down on the sidelines, huffing and puffing at his child for a non-performance during a game. How horrible for a child to have to endure a parent like that! Where's the cheer? As many are aware though, parental peer pressure is alive and well around every sporting corner. Careful folks not to become sucked in and engulfed in this type of behavior lest you feel this is "normal" and acceptable behavior.

With glowing hearts, we shout to the world;

"Hip Hip Hooray for the athletes of the future!"

Here is the official 2010 Olympic website if you'd prefer to follow along and become the Olympic game's junkies like us and the rest of the world. No matter, work hard and have fun still comes to mind, though every participant has much at stake here.

Remember the price paid for those entering into these games, and for all the upcoming athletes living in the rest of the corners in the world.

Stay tuned;