Friday, March 06, 2009


Cookie Grams

There is such a thing as a "COOKIEGRAM" and my husband was the lucky recipient of one delivered to his hospital room yesterday morning.

A big surprise for the day left us smiling because the sender was none other than my husband's boss, the very one I had encountered in my husband's hospital room during my "Great Escape" delivery plot. He was the first visitor in some time, the third fellow colleague who traveled just for the purpose of offering good cheer to my hubby. What a guy!

I am still smiling because I remember the look of wonder and ensuing infectious enthusiasm when he realized my plot and witnessed the safe delivery of all the booty to my husband's hospital corner.

He might be a bit embarrassed if he knew I caught his own eyes well up and become all glossy like mine were, let alone my hubby's, and how I noticed him melt and relax in his chair while enjoying the special scene before him!

I think there are now a bouquet of many new-found friends surrounding my husband in the patient support system and it's gonna just keep on growing when things like cookies are passed around for all to enjoy.

Arriving home this afternoon, our children felt a bit of a letdown when noticing only an empty basket and tissue as the leftover residual to the delivery, the direct result from my hubby's own "pay it forward" surprise cookiegram delivery to return the blessing to all of his fellow patients.

Offer it up children, offer it all up. grin, grin..