Monday, March 09, 2009

Follow the skidoo trails

Follow the snowy skidoo trails...

It was a cold and brisk day here today, snow and icy rains pummeled us through the night to cover the ground once more with a blanket of white stuff. The twist came by mid morning when the sun did shine folks, the sun shone way up in the blue, blue skies, and it was the perfect day for everyone to load into the van so mother here (wink) could travel for the family's mail, and then detour for a bit into the far distant lands of the northern parts of the country for a quick adventure.

Nothing more delights me than an adventure when the weather becomes appropriate for one to venture out after a frigid winter.

When my GPS image display area alerted me when I was near a body of water, it was time to spot for a bit. Several of us (the brave ones who could handle the wiping breeze off the water's ) were off on foot to follow the skidoo tracks after our little eyes did spy something new, something not yet seen by any of us.

Ice fishermen were out in force, several small and colorful huts parked on the icy waters hoping for a catch today.
Ice fishermen at work in their little shacks

We spotted them there and circled back to set out on foot, with mom's camera in her hand to grab this moment and forever implant it into photo memories on the computer.

Just imagine yourself "wanting" to do this?

Brrrrrr......I just can't myself, but there are obviously others who delight in this sporty winter pleasure.