Thursday, March 12, 2009

Revamping in progress

Just a heads-up...

I will be revamping my blog to get it back to some sort of normalcy.

As my readers may recall, not long ago I was having a tough moment one day, somehow my fingers did the walking and "poof", my entire template had disappeared along with the entire formatting of the blog's sidebars.

I attempted in vain to reload the same three column template back up again and after groaning for several days, thought it could become an opportunity to create a new and fresh look using a different template. Perhaps some may like the new Lighthouse "harbor" look, my current template, but if I can be so bold and share with all of you just one thing, I have to admit I absolutely loathe it! Granted I love being near the water, this template has become a negative for me as it does not allow my eyes to track my blog posts properly when viewing my new posts in the preview pane. I find it hard to read the template's blue writing which tends to roll across my screen and blend into the right sidebars. Nope, I just don't find it aesthetically pleasing, or easy to read at all.

I've finally relocated the proper 3 column original template from my former format which features the same classic colors of navy and dark green. Also located is a great tutorial to assist me in reformatting it all using HTML computer language. So, as a warning - over the next few days, the look of my blog will change dramatically.

All of my sidebar information; photos, quotes, widgets and links will vanish and I will have to begin anew.....again. Like anyone else, I do not have an abundance of time to devote to this project so it may be slow, or it may be quicker to fruition than expected. Please be patient with me. I promise you a better, easier and faster reading ability very shortly. Let me know what you think when it's complete.

Meanwhile if anyone knows how NOT to lose all the widgets in the process of changing the blogger template, I'm all ears. And, if anyone knows how to produce and format a properly sized new header, I need a few pointers to personalize mine to our new location here.

Thank you so much in advance. Oh, and before your head hits your pillow tonight, please go and hug your loved ones, asleep or not. You'll never regret it!