Thursday, March 05, 2009

Never leave your partner behind!

Never leave your partner behind!
aka; The GREAT Escape

Even in hospital, he wasn't left behind to
celebrate this special day alone

The perfect saying can usually be expressed with utter simplicity. Just as in the movie "Fireproof" - the now famous slogan for marriage of "Never leave your partner behind" became my adopted motto yesterday as I packed up and headed on a road trip to surprise my husband at the hospital.
Balloons waved to me all the way towards my
destination, making me smile every time I
glanced them in my rear view mirror.

With a bouquet of balloons flying around my vehicle, always visible to me in my rear view mirror, it gave me many reasons to keeping on smiling; I was on my way with prezzies (presents), room decor to hang up around his bed area, and a suit luggage bag with several items for my husband to choose from when I offered to fulfill "The Great Escape" this night.

Some of the room decor I brought along

You see, today is our actual wedding anniversary date, the day where our marriage all began so long ago, the day when I thought a surprise visit with him yesterday would ensure the secret to remain hidden. I never wished him to suspect a thing. And he didn't! This was our day and as such, we would not only be united but I had hoped my plan would also allow an embraced celebratory mood filled with a suitable ambiance and most perfect scenario. I was going to kidnap him and he had no idea what was waiting on his soon-to-be agenda in the hours to come.

With many preparations made in advance, including that of a dinner reservation at a nice restaurant, my intention was clear. I was breaking him outta there so we could be alone together midweek to pay tribute to our special day, one day in advance.

Choosing a few selected items to tag along,
I knew my hubby would want to dress up for
this (unknown) date.

Just like a fine wine that improves greatly with age, we are pushing "vintage" by celebrating 32 years today. Boy oh boy, did it ever feel GOOD to make our date happen on purpose for tinging our glasses together while toasting each other, proud of our "never leave your partner" philosophy this day. I like that saying! I wasn't going to leave my partner (husband) behind to sit in his hospital all alone, no way.

Unusually sparse traffic was such a blessing for my road trip

I was super blessed with the most wonderful driving conditions and sunshine blaring right through the windows for the duration of my road trip. Arriving at the hospital I had to circle the parking lot for a time while waiting to find a spot. Shortly after invoking St. Anthony to help out a bit (I had a lot of things to carry and the alternate was two blocks away!) when someone right beside me drove off and left me the perfect area adjacent to the parking ticket pay meter.

Yep, thank goodness for balloon
bouquets instead of flowers!

With all the items in hand, I walked clumsily ahead while I figured out how to juggle the flying balloons threatening to escape my grip. Entering the facility I realized I had to ask for directions to the in-patient area.

Surprised faces flashed before me as the nurses situated at the main desk very soon became all curious as to who I was, and all began smiling and querying at the same time whom I was going to visit with. Flapping balloon bouquets do make a giver stand out, naturally I stood out here.

With a hushed tone, I was bold telling them all it was a surprise and that my husband would not require his pre-ordered dinner this night as I was breaking him outta there, aiming for a great escape to celebrate our anniversary together.

All six of the medical personnel before me clapped their hands or lifted their hand to their mouths in excitement, congratulating me and almost sent me into a tailspin with their sincere responses when suddenly I felt my face flush and tears of joy spring to my eyes. Blowing air upwards to my eyes in an attempt to dry them a bit, and as I walked down the short hallway, I found his new room number and entered in through the doorway. I could hear his voice and directly before me I recognized a man sitting in a chair speaking to my husband hidden behind the curtain there. Of all things; it was his boss who had come for a visit! Talk about timing! How funny was this!

With deep emotion on his sleeve,
I made him pose anyway

Happy "stress balls" had blinking lights
inside to make anyone smile

The boss glanced up, didn't recognize me at first, and then he wondered what in the world I was doing with all that stuff in hand! (laugh) I beamed with love for my hubby, leaned over to offer him a big smooch (boss or no boss, this was about my hubby and I), and shouted; "Surprise!"

Offering him his booty, everyone by now was laughing, even the other patients in the room once I detailed my plans to my hubby. I showed him his suit bag, and began to decorate his room while talking to all present. The excitement in the air quickly became infectious for everyone, but first my husband was summoned by his nurse to hustle down for his next class. I had planned to wait in the hallway, but was also invited to participate.

The boss shook my hand, and I could tell he was having fun with what was before him. I laughed as I could already "hear" the loving gestured gossip buzzing about over at the workplace once he left us to return to his office. LOL

I knew he would not want to miss one of his
many classes assigned to him, so it was nice
to still keep him on track by attending one
with him before we left on our way.

And then hand in hand, my hubby and I proceeded with all the other patients to a class with the occupational therapist on "The importance of Relaxation". Of all the topics, I was right there and enjoying every moment with all present. What a special group of people here! I have a whole new appreciation for support group communities, that is one thing for certain!

Of all the subject topics, this had to
be a great one for him to attend!

Immediately I recognized the former roommate in our midst, the one I mentioned last time who had been quite obnoxious, and crazy me, I almost burst out laughing when I noticed all the feminine hair clips holding his butt length hair away from his face. We were introduced, shook hands, and all was well. I behaved. :)

He was surprised to find even his clothing
apparel selection processing details were
tended to. I wondered which tie he would choose.

Getting ready to bust out of there!

Within no time at all, my hubby decided what he would wear from our clothing selections provided for him, and after a quick self portrait snap photo of the two of us together with his fancy hospital curtain as the backdrop behind us, we were off together, again holding hands down the hallways, waltzing straight out the door and into our vehicle. How very special was this? I was in my glory here, my hubby too. It was a special date night, and it was then when we were on our way into the city rush hour traffic to dine alone together.

Even with his hospital bracelets still on, it was all good

It was definitely an exquisite night to remember, one of those memorable moments seared into the recesses of the heart. Tomorrow when my husband returns home to recover for the weekend, it will be the children's turn to snicker with him about all the "behind the scenes" sneaking around to make the day successful.

Happy Anniversary to my man today with
nothing but absolute love and admiration for you!