Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our family sporty memorabilia room

The photos continue to arrive, the ones from all of our adult children, our grandchildren, even from our parents.

We have obtained and gathered not only action photos from the sports all have been involved in, but high school sports' letters, pins, plaques, trophies, medals, game sheets and so much more to add to our family sports memorabilia room-to-be.

Yes, a grand project considering how many people there are in our family and the plethora of possibilities towards this endeavor.

We intend to frame all we can for preservation and safe keeping, by hanging up former hockey jerseys in handmade display cases with a few old ice skates and other assorted accessories.

We're also in the midst of collecting a vast collection of other sports memorabilia which we hope to represent our own growing family's very own;
Sports Hall Of Fame.

We have begun this project already, bits and pieces are in fair hanging mode.

One of the problems is the restrictions posed for my hubby to actually raise his arms up for any length of time, so we are slow and steady on getting all the framed photos so far, hung up row by row.

This one alone took four hours to complete, slow and steady definitely wins the race.

It's been a great work (dream) in progress, and we can hardly wait it all comes fruition but until then, I will upload a few teasers as we progress.

At first we were tempted to write into one of those designer shows like "Divine Design" and offer to use our very large room for one of their feature show segments, you know, the ones where most is offered for a song to the owner of the home? Oh yes, I've thought about it, thought of what I would write and how to execute all of it and may yet still feel gamed and bold enough to actually execute it. We'll see...
Got sporty family memorabilia? Why not hang it up and display it for a fun, sport minded, happy hang out room? We are. Too bad we never did this years ago, though it's never too late to begin.

I better sign off now, I have more photos to frame ...