Saturday, March 28, 2009


Signs of warmer weather have me itching to get outdoors and begin some gardening on our new property.

Today my husband and I scoured most areas of our back and front yard areas only to find the melting snow has given way to previewing many tree stumps, fallen trees and branches all requiring clearing.

The mushy brown rotting leaves that once graced all the hardwood trees gives way to showing us our land requires a good clean up and plenty of raking to expose the grass and bark mulch resting below the blanket of winter offerings.

The area we would like to have cleared of trees won't be as easy as we first thought with all the stumps in the way for future gardens and grassy meadow areas, so this week's list includes making telephone calls for stump grinding or pulling. This is definitely all new territory for us, but the end result will be worth the sweat on our brows. Guess what we'll be doing when my hubby returns to work and the sun is high in the sky? Oh yeah, let's all move our muscles on this new property! Let's all work as a team and get this done when the sun calls us to come on out and play.

Spring has definitely sprung around here as the sun has melted a vast majority of our snow around the property. Just two days ago we still had some three feet of snow at the back corners of our property, now measuring only about a foot. The trees will come down once it is almost bare, easier for the skidder to get back there and the other equipment necessary to do the job.

Meanwhile, with signs of spring about, and of course my huge love of anything flowers, I snapped the photos below to inspire me onward ho into this bright and cheery new season. They aren't in my garden, rather a large glass vase I took out to the deck for photo op purposes. (wink)

Tulips always remind me of Spring, usually at the end of March we can depend on plenty of colorful ones slowly opening into beautiful floral offerings.

Tulips also remind me of my mother in law, my husband's mother who celebrated her 83rd birthday this past week.

So, Mom B, these are for you; virtual flowers that evoke warm feelings and memories of you and thanking you for the continuous welcome you grant to me for being a member of your family over the years. Love to you! xx