Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ten things I'm thankful for...

This regular fun photo "Thankful themed" post comes a little early, so close to my last post with the same title feature I know, however it just felt right to do it again - right now.

1 - I'm thankful for the end of my husband's Respiratory Rehabilitation Program where he remained as in hospital as an in-patient for the past seven weeks. He officially resided there longer than within our new home after a recent geographical family move to an unknown community. It's been a long, lonely, and most intense medical walk for him and for the rest of the family at home. Moving here included abilities to obtain better quality medical care which has surely resulted in head spinning expedited care (smile), and even at this fast and furious pace, we have to continually look at the bright side for all that it means for us in the future. So thankful!

2 - I'm thankful for angels amongst us. Two weeks ago my husband introduced himself to a man who usually sat quietly at the back of the room, a man who was also attending the same respiratory breathing exercise class as himself. He was a fellow patient, obviously also suffering a degenerative lung disease and his name was Bob. After small talk ensued, and each spoke of their health and families, it was surprising to discover Bob was actually Fr. Bob, a Roman Catholic priest.

The next morning my husband greeted him with "Hello Fr. Bob" and big smiles and unspoken appreciations grew, both happy to make each other's acquaintance. Even though they never saw one another again during the course of their own personalized schedule commitments each day, the blessings from their early morning greetings remained with them all day long. How's that for angels amongst us, especially during the "Lent of your life"?

3 - I'm thankful for life in the country and I hope never to return the noise of city life again! You could easily say I'm smitten with our ability to live on acreage in the country and I'm happy to say I'm now used to the sound of nothing but crickets during the night. The peace and tranquility of country life appeals to me and keeps my soul resting right where it should peace.

4 - I'm thankful for flowers, the gift of the seasons when new ones appear pleasurable feelings are instantly evoked from admiring their simple presence in our lives. How beautiful it is to discover a new bud in a mound of dirt, and then the blessing of subsequent blossoms in various shades of vibrant colors thereafter. Lovely.

5 - I'm thankful for the presence of things requiring no words, happy pleasures that involve the breakout of a smile, positive happy-hearted thoughts and the reminder of the return back to work and something akin to normal for my hubby. Thank you to our oldest daughter for the book arriving this past week for her father, good stuff!

6 - I'm thankful for the continued reminder of the color purple and how it represents the way of the cross during this Lenten season. I'm thankful for the immense joy up ahead, the joy awaiting us when Easter Sunday greets us and the grand Alleluia returns for all to sing.

7 - I'm thankful for sweet reminders of seasonal landscape changes and blooming days ahead when EVERYTHING will become colorful outdoors, multitudes of birds will nest and sing, and cloud watching soon becomes a normal pastime again while laying on a blanket outdoors.

8 - I'm thankful for my *simple* motto, fully adopted before our move here, one that I live and breathe every day! It rests in a place where I can glance at it daily and just seems to keep my head right where it should be, not fretting about the complexity of life and assisting in keeping my wits about me most often.

9 - I'm thankful for children who love working on artsy and crafty projects, who revel in working with their hands while creating treasures to cherish for life.

10 - I'm thankful for the gift of friendships; the ones that continue to keep me grounded, pick me up when I'm down, and help me to retain plenty of laughter in my days, those friends who accept me for who I am without attempting to remould my character or my personhood in any way. Basically, in a nutshell, I am so blessed and love all my friends to bits!

I especially want to thank my girlfriends Herta and Justine today for the love and laughter appearing in my mailbox this past week. Love you both!!! xx

Only from Canada folks, & the Goat Mountain Soap Co.