Monday, March 09, 2009

The SUN got to them all!

The Sun Got To Them All!

(Oh, what it tends to do to the average person!)

Later on today, just when I personally had had enough of the great northern frigid weather, at its warmest peak of -2C, our children happily observed a decent amount of snow had already melted over the past two days, even after counting today's new covering.

With that keen observation from someone, all happily jumped onto the bandwagon declaring it long overdue and indeed a good timing for proceeding to set up the trampoline in the back of our property. Afterall the poor dears have been without it for over five months now since we packed it up for our move to this home, and they've missed it. So they said....

The sun got to them all! It just had to!

And just when they got it all set up, they decided to move it.

And then, of all things, they took off their boots and began to have a great old time bouncing about in the COLD temperatures, even though the sun was beaming on them for the duration of their jumping time.