Friday, March 06, 2009

Ten things I’m thankful for...

Ten things I'm thankful for...

1 – Thankful for - Yummy "warm the tummy" hot homemade soups in winter.

2 – Thankful for silly things like the temptation of fresh and warm French bread with long lingering luscious scents drifting around every room in the whole house. I also love knowing the temptation to scoff it all down will be fulfilled when I am able to have a slice to accompany the soup above. Two yummies!

3 – Thankful for my new bundle of washcloths to use in the kitchen. Those my mother in law had made me are officially worn out now (hint), but these will do as substitutes for the favourite knitted ones instead.

4 – Thankful for great bargains in unexpected places like this Axis and Allies board game found at a Goodwill store after I dropped off several bags for donations. Our oldest son purchased this game 15 years ago for about 80.00 then. I paid 2.49 and all the pieces are there! Once again, it's hours-long game times around this house with other children reading the manual and getting their strategies rolling.

5 – Thankful for my "tea drawer" holding all the family favorites for those special tea time moments in the later afternoons, face to face conversations and happy old fashioned visits with others over a cup of tea, or just being able to hear the whistle of the kettle blowing while offering someone their choice of tea in this drawer. The overflow favs are in currently stored in the cupboard. Oh goodness! What time is it? Golly, I think it's time for tea to assist in consuming some of the lovely and enticing flavors there.

6 – Thankful for GREAT places to shop like this SOLUTIONS organizational store, one offering fabulous ideas for organizing all "my stuff". (Crummy photo, sorry, dirty windshield ahead)

7 – Thankful for warmer weathered moments for adventuring out and about and stumbling upon places like "Little Portugal" and "Little Italy". Instead of just passing through these quaint and intriguing areas next time to a destination further ahead, I am now tempted to do my homework to explore the areas more intimately next time. Anyone have any tips for me here?

8 - Thankful for finding joy in random photos like this one because setting off on a long and unhurried bike ride offers me a sense of great relaxing pleasure.

9 – Thankful for wanting to cherish and kiss my husband's hospital bracelets when he returns home to recover on weekends because the red one specifically has all of his medical drug allergy alerts noted, that information alone which could possibly save his life in any given moment while he's away.

10 – Thankful for Lent because it offers me a chance to strip myself of all my many bad habits or poor examples, while I relearn new habits in the attempt to better my areas of great weakness. I love my "Pieta" by Michelangelo and if you aren't familiar with it, please feel free to click onto THIS LINK to learn all the fascinating facts about it for yourself.

~ We adore Thee O'Christ and we praise Thee

because by Thy holy cross thou hast redeemed the world.