Monday, March 30, 2009

Feedburner & Google Reader

Recently I was alerted to the fact my Feedburner transfer from the Feedburner site to my Google account changed everything and people who regularly followed my blog had nothing but silence from any new posts here. I am so sorry to you all and want to assure you all is well, fixed, and ready to go if you wish to resubscribe, or follow me again. :-)

I've attempted to update several options if you are one of those who feel inclined to continue following our adventures here "in the east". First, you can subscribe to the Feedburner email system using two options; through an account you create with the site itself using the widget on the left sidebar here, an account which you sign in and check on when able. Secondly, if you prefer something more simple you can subscribe to having individual posts appear when posted right into your inbox instead. There is a live link above the first option widget mentioned above. Both options are below.

Lastly, I've just loaded a new widget if you prefer to "Follow" this blog using your Google reader account. Simple to use with a click of a button, you'll also find that option on the left sidebar near to the other Feedburner email ability options.

Thank you so much for all the kind private emails, comments and sweetness recently. All of your comments are treasures in our day, and uplifting to us.

God Bless;