Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind

There is nothing so intriguing as driving along farm country roads towards home and spotting this guy out on farmer's fields doing whatever you might wish to call this sport.

I've noticed this guy several times but never had to opportunity to pull over and try to snap some photos of him in a nonchalant way (but of course, grin).

This time I had my camera and was able
to pull over off the road safely to snap these photos...

Does anyone actually know WHAT to call this type of sporting activity above?

Is it kite snowboarding?

Whatever it is, it looks SIMPLY fantastic and so unique to me. I have never seen anything like this before until moving here a few months ago. I just love the whole idea of being able to try it on snowy farm land terrain too!


The blue sunny skies in the horizon is the ultimate and perfect backdrop for this sporting event, and a very typical day here in the east amidst our snow filled grounds. Never be fooled by the sun because it was super cold today with a wind chill factor to warrant two teens groaning over having to walk their dogs and claiming frostbite once they arrived home again, after slipping and being dragged a few feet when their dogs avoided face plants on the ground and suddenly skipped ahead with their masters sailing along behind them.

Hmmmmm....maybe they could use one of these, er, ah, kites to remain upright?