Friday, November 17, 2006

Bird house

The Birdhouse Building Evening

Preparing my work station.

Last night we attended a very special parent participation project for our young "Brownie" daughters to work towards earning their "woodworking badge".

We met at a warehouse store altogether at the scheduled time, met by a woman who then escorted all the girls and parents on a tour of the store, offering awareness on safety issues, types of hardware and the store inventory for uses in woodworking.

Finally at long last after the tour dragged on for almost one hour (the girls learned alot, the parents strolled along making a wish list to purchase - laugh), we settled around several tables prepared with a woodworking station for each girl.

Hammering 101 - where to place your hand...

No one forewarned me that I'd have an active part in overseeing the construction of a bird house, though I knew she'd be making one. She donned her safety glasses and had trouble seeing through the bulky parts, though eventually she got the hang of wearing them as I tightened them into place on her head. An apron was on the table to wear they could keep when finished their project. A hammer just her size sat next to a bird house kit and the instructions there were for the parent to assist with hands-on assembly. Uh boy!

Following the instructions was easier
for the kids than the parents...laugh

She threw that hammer up and down ever so carefully, trying to bang with all her might, but soon fatigue took over and she needed to rest and shake out her arm out at times. With great determination, she succeeded in the creation of her very own birdhouse. She's so proud of it, and will paint it up this weekend.

Proud of her accomplishment to say the least