Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fun and festive

This pumpkin ended up with a half of moustache, don't ask

Last night, we had fun with our friendly pumpkins smiling at the folks in cars driving by, and were surprised to have one brave little knock from a wee soul at our front door. She was a little girl who had befriended our youngest the day we arrived here and were still living at the hotel. She lives just down the road from us, but was driven by her mother around the area for her candy cache.

During the hours preceding this quick visit, hubby took to the task at hand of being the game point keeper. Games were played on the floor and at the table with the children trying to outwit one another for points, leading to a candy feast fest, our very own little party. Little Bunnykins, Darth man and Angel cutesy giggled at the dress up fun, and seeing those pumpkin faces glowing at us all when we occasionally took a brief waltz around the front walkway to view them.

We set her up with this photo with plenty of candy around her

The eldest son here just wore his old Canucks shirt, playing hockey outside until it was too dark to continue, and enjoyed a relaxing night as a macho older teen hoping for candy and more candy all night long. Knowing too he could sleep in a bit today, as they all had no school today due to the Feast of All Saints Day, he stayed up later than usual, hoping for even more candy after the little ones were asleep.

Initially not knowing what to expect in this new neighborhood, the older kids were on the lookout for who or what would be stalking about outdoors for quite some time, carefully placing both pups inside in case of an eventful evening. They both remarked that they thoroughly enjoyed the "quiet" of not living in the city on Halloween night, with all the howling screams and shouts, fireworks in the back park shot towards out house, dog tormented, smashed pumpkins all over the roads the following morning, vandalism and other such things.

Nope, we had "quiet"!

There were no doorbell jingles, no hard roughhouse knocking on the glass of the front door, no screaming and scary monsters dressed to terrorize the little ones, no cars moving along the street, no scary threatening fireworks thrown at our children or our car as we drove by the silly city slickers having what they perceive to believe is "fun" to ruin it for everyone else just out to have a good and safe time. There’s always someone out to wreck it for the innocent party goers.

We were prepared for 200 visitors…just in case, and ended up with only 1. The horrible dilemma today is what to do with all those goodies leftover!


We experienced our own kind of fun and as in years passed, the dentist will once again love our children to bits after the candy they consumed!

Pumpkin walkway though no one was near.