Friday, November 03, 2006

Hockey season

It's Heeeeeeeerre!

Canuck fever is all over this house!

The Fall 2006 hockey playing season is a catchy, risky fever with the children all fired up, playing at least two to three hours a day on our sports court...counting points, drawing locals to come play, and everyone is fast getting into the swing of the hockey season at hand.

Hubby and I diagnosed this medical predicament years and years ago now, with season upon season carrying this simple mysterious, contagious and most thrilling "fever" as one specific illness we are happy our children haven't overcome to this date. *smile*

Getting ready to have a game, one son
brings the goalie guard to install on the net.

While the men are working on the installation of the fiber optics across the streets, each day this week has been beautiful, sunny but chilly, a few snow flurries yesterday morning fell upon us and more is to come by tomorrow now.

Warming up....literally!

As the children's schooling becomes completed in the afternoon, everyone has their work checked then a sudden flurry of activity, and a huge blitz of activity sends them all spinning round and round, as they all peel out the door, gathering their rollerblades and hockey gear to challenge each other and the plastic goalie guard installed on one net, to yet another game. What's the hurry I say?

Installing the goalie guard

Three out of four games this week included a hockey enthusiast neighbor in the rip roaring skating match, all on offense and defense, firing puck after puck towards the net for shots on goal. There's been no reason to call them in early, therefore they play until they feel like coming in for dinner, sometime about three hours or longer later than first beginning their game, often just in time to eat with their father, thereby making dinner hour later and later around here these days.

Somewhere in between they have to take a break, and tend to the dog's walk, yesterday was on wheels, rollerblading them up and down the road squealing with enormous (!) shouts of joy. I could slightly tell they loved it, all the working men turning their heads to watch them and giggle too. Then, as though it was just a normal matter of fact occurrence, back to the game at hand they went.

He shoots, He scores!

Our loyal Canuck fans are proudly wearing their jerseys, slapping the puck around the court, playing hard and having fun. Older sister comes out to join the fun each day too, younger sister leaves when the game begins. She just can't keep up nor wishes to at this point, but had fun warming up with the boys.

Last night with the wind chill at minus two, the two older ones donned their blades again (!) and played together for another two hours in the dark. Their ball glows in the dark and the barn provides just enough light to get them by. Needless to say, they slept hard last night.

Our dogs are loving the activity around them, and they've taught one dog to retrieve the ball for them if it flies into their pen, close to the fence so they can grab it and play some more. Good doggie!

View out my window as I type this blog....

If it holds, guess what is currently being organized today already?

Have fun! Play Hard!