Friday, November 10, 2006

Tis the season that is.

A son's bedroom bulletin board shown here, is decorated with his beloved absolute diehard love for the Vancouver Canucks NHL hockey team, and of course, those special friends from the west he likes to think about frequently.

Keeping up with the Vancouver Canuck's website is a given privelege for him, but darn, does he ever miss those Province newspaper his grandfather kept handing him, with the write ups, and hockey stats on his favorite players from that specific NHL team.

Just a simple thought here; if you happen to have extra Canuck anything goodies, they are unattainable locally leaving this son wondering where he will continue to get his dearly beloved articles and little treasures from. Send them along if you care to do so, he would be most grateful.

Happy Hockey Season everyone!

Just an aside, if you're really lucky, maybe you'll be like friends of ours and get your pictures taken by surprise behind the net, during a game goal posted on the Canuck website someday. Framed yet Ben? *snicker, snicker*