Saturday, November 04, 2006

Still a lovely blue out yonder!

The Gift Of The Deep Blue Sea!

White capped waves rush in with the wind.

As often as possible, we prefer to take the slower, more scenic route driving along the beach front, admiring the various tropical blue hues and seeing the wonders of the rushing waves slapping on the shoreline.

One of the private beach access areas near us.

It’s been no exception to continue admiring the sea as the seasons have changed.

Honestly, it’s still every bit as lovely during Autumn, as any other season, to just take a deep breath and sit a bit, enjoying the beauty of the landscape, becoming engrossed with simple admiration for the horizon way out over yonder.

Notice the sandy beach, great for bare feet,
but freezing cold right now.

It’s completely relaxing to sit at the edge of the sea, and something we could be so easily susceptible to taking for granted with the busyness of life.

I love it here!

We will continue to make every effort to see the sea often, smell the fine fresh air way down deep in our lungs, unwind & relax, or perhaps brave the cold setting off for a walk on the sandy beaches.

Thank you God for this incredible gift near to us.