Thursday, November 23, 2006

Glorious sunshine!

Cool and frosty mornings...

We've been so blessed with crisp and cool, frosty white mornings and glorious sunshine throughout each day this week, ending with most incredible pink and blue sunsets.

At dusk when hubby arrives home, we have developed our little ritual when evenings permit, to sit a spell while discussing the day's events while unwinding before and sometimes, also after dinner.

It used to be we sat on the back deck catching the last of the sun's rays while watching it bid farewell into blasts of color while setting, but as winter has progressed our stolen moments are now enjoyed in the warmth of the library/parlor.

When we are indulging one another for pleasant conversations, the children are aware this is "mommy and daddy's time" together, and allow for our privacy for a as long as they can stand it, then all join in with us a little while later to converse along with us.

Here's our favorite wing back chairs we love to sit in while chatting in the evenings, also catching glimpses outdoors of the sun setting out the window together.

Evening conversational parlor.

Also in this same room this week, the sun has shone on and on all day long, filling rooms with bright wonderful summer-like lighting and sensational sunshine. How good this feels to have such lovely brightness in the dead of winter fast approaching.

Finding "shade" in the library while reading on the floor today.

This young lad decided the floor was the best spot to be in today while grabbing a book later in the afternoon to read for fun. It became rather warm in this room, so the windows were cracked open to allow for some air. Then a few moments later when he was still hot, he scooted over to find "shade" from the glare of the sun. Eventually he gave up altogether and left the room to find "shade" in another area of the house. But the book was a fun read he said before leaving.