Thursday, November 02, 2006

An unexpected and most delightful day...

A delightful day filled with simple pleasures

My delightful cuppa yummy!

Our "All Saints Day" was not to be as we had originally expected, though we were all itching to be out and about on the gorgeous, sunny day presented to us first thing in the morning. With school not in session, we all packed into the vehicle and slowly but steadily, meandered down country roads on a new route we were told about, towards farm country - God's country! *smile*

Surprise after surprise appeared along the country drive for us, neat and special items in plain view along the journey. We are continually reminded there is much history here, with the many old brick churches nestled in little communities, alongside them their parish (OLD) graveyards well tended to still today. As in those days long ago when these buildings were first erected, something brought folks to the town which is a question I pose to the children all the time, saying; "What do you suppose was the draw here for commerce to begin in this town?"

As usual too this day, we spotted farmers working in the fields continuing to bring in other assorted crops, country road traffic jams along the way with tractors and combines "as wide as" the roads themselves (wow!) , and four small wee little towns appearing seemingly out of nowhere, obviously once upon a time big booming business areas. The little general stores were busy, the town cafes full.

Some time towards the noon hour, we fell upon many new stores and a busy commerce surrounding, with outlet stores, and many banks, restaurants and other assorted businesses. When we spotted the bookstore, everyone said; "Let's go in there"!

Back in print!

Then, we all spotted a bonus and one child chimed in; "Mom, you can get your pumpkin spiced latte while we shop." As you might imagine, their influence on me can be super great at times such as these moments...laugh.

Oh I can hardly wait to sip this baby!

Off we went in search of a parking spot, hopping out altogether to browse the stacks. Eveyone bolted to their own corners, happily sitting for a time to just browse, absorb, or see what was knew to their own interests.

Look at all these lovely outfits mommy!

The coffee shop was super busy with business people sneaking away for their hot cuppa, then it was cuppa pumpkin spiced latte was ordered and the milk was beginning to heat steam and bubble for my order.

Mom, they all look so good! How to choose?

Look mom, a new knight set!

Sitting in the hockey section and oh so merry!

Where are those new Little House books by Melissa Wiley mom?