Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Using their horse accessories...

Horse tales...

Each week, the horse lesson evening agenda carries with it, the requirement of grooming the featured riding horse of the day, and later when the lesson is completed, several other horses are listed by the instructor, those who have yet to recieve their daily grooming.

Picking out the buildup in the horse's hoofs

Our eager younger gal came along with her handy dandy new horse brush and with batting eyelashes, she was able to groom one horse for the next riding class after her older sister's. Smiles of smiles were pasted to her face, thrilled for this opportunity to brush another horse other than the neighbor's at the fence.

Brushing away...
I couldn't use a flash on these, this horse spooks easily.

The older daughter's tote tray of assorted horse brushes was also carted along for both her lesson horse for the evening, and her volunteer stable duties afterwards. Another eager beaver, she too was thrilled to be able to wear her new helmet.

Sporting a new riding helmet,
this is her usual horse for lessons.