Friday, November 03, 2006

Major changes

Major changes for a little town.

In our little community, there is a major change happening, causing a huge flurry for folks getting into the technical age. Though almost twenty years later than we experienced in the west, fiber optic wiring is at last being installed up and down the country roads. Small diggers with special devices attached to their fronts are carving out three foot trenches to bury new wiring into all along our own roadway, as well as many others with the goal being to complete the task by the end of the year. It's been quite a grueling task for them entering farmer's fields, past wire fencing, in crop areas, getting stuck in mud, digging and hauling out soil material to complete their task. Perhaps they've installed two long blocks worth, that's about it in four days. It appears to be a most complex and tedious task overall having difficulties with country areas versus city property lots. At times the men seem frustrated with both the 4 inch wide black wiring and the six inch wide orange wiring installations, what a job!

Fiber Optics are being installed almost
twenty years after the west got theirs.

I remember when fiber optics were installed back home, about twenty years ago in fact! So, we are behind the times, but then, just had to include the area code in our telephone numbers this past month too. Everyone was appalled over having to do this, as each little community had the same first three digit numbers, leaving you only to have to dial the last four digits in the phone number to get a neighbor's home. Now, all ten digits are mandatory, and we're laughing so hard when hearing other folk's remarks on the issue. Very funny!

Yesterday while reading to the younger two in our living room, I noticed three tractors humming down in front on our road, pulling loaded bins attached on the trailer hitch. Our older daughter told of others she saw, filled too, different than mine. Many of the local farmers are pulling in their crops; their "cash crops" from the various fields rented in the area, then having to haul them back to their farm, use the country roads to move about. I was behind another legendary country traffic jam below, while driving home noticing the busyness of our home front with the fiber optics installation and tractors buzzing about. We are seeing and learning daily here.

Traffic jam country style in front of our house
(see the red barn on the right)