Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Living in God's Country!

Country Roads, Take Me Home,
To the Place Where I Belong...

A typical country road leading to town, 90km speed limit.

Hundreds of birds seem to suddenly appear
as we drove down the road towards them.

This is here for a landscape decoration, however we saw several like this filled with produce packed to the nines and ready for transport to the market.

Some would say it's too boonieville for them! We sure wondered at first ourselves about the same thing, though over time, this quiet countryside has grown on us and now we love it!

Old and sturdy churches in every small
town nearby as their center of being.

Always sights to see in the distance, the landscape is ever changing season after season, and even now in the height of autumn, something unique keeps creeping up into full view.

Changes in the landscape are becoming the usual sight for us now.

Today we drove past a farm with a huge crop of green cabbage yet to harvest. Sitting in the farmers gravel driveway, was a large wooden haywagon, filled with green cabbage balls heading for market. Neat! We haven't seen the last of the root vegetables here afterall, and so much more to see out on farmer's fields still for all to glance at with a smile.

Field of dreams

The sunset from our front door last night.

And, from the back door...