Sunday, November 05, 2006

Come walk with me...

Come along....

to enjoy an autumn walk with me....

As the leaves continue to choreograph their autumn dance, twirling round and round and spiraling downward to land on the ground, they have been creating a most wondrous layer upon layer of autumn carpeting. As the ground beneath them is fast becoming colder day by day, the dancing leaves are singing a natural tune for us, that of their “crunch, crunch” music while out taking steps upon their landscape carpet decor.

Ah, the sounds of autumn are catching up with the picturesque ground coverings, those of maple, oak, elm, and other assorted leaves gathering in height on the many local walking paths, woodsy parks and even on the sandy beach front.

Hubby was able to explore and take a brisk walk through a waterside park with me yesterday, and was most impressed at the variety of leaves on the ground, and busy squirrels running to and fro, cheeks filled with acorn nuts. However we were unprepared for the shivering winds blowing us around the closer our walking movements carried us towards the water.

What a beautiful area,
such a lovely autumn landscape.

Come with me on an autumn walk!

We can catch up with the newsy home fronts from one another, laugh, giggle, take a quick sprint to acquire a deep red glow on our cheeks from the cool and crisp air, hug and make promises to keep in touch.

Or, if you prefer, we can just grab a cuppa something hot, settle down on a cozy park bench and admire the scene before us.

But first, let's do take a walk okay?

Leaves of Maple, Oak, Elm tree and
others enhanced the park decor.

Grab your warm scarf, a pair of mittens, some tootsie warming boots, that winter woolen jacket, and come for a walk with me.

This post is dedicated to all my great friends, both near and far of course, though in particular, to my friend sweet Tennessee sisterchick who doesn't know it yet, but she needs to come take a long walk with me sometime soon. Sending hugs your way!!!