Sunday, November 26, 2006

While we're on the "thankful" thread...

All this talk of Thanksgiving, and the “thankful” thread" I began, to challenge others for observing the simple things in life they are grateful for, here are a few more items I am most thankful for this week. Though I have many once again of course, these are but a few;

1 - I am thankful for the new drinks featured at local coffee shops, specially the “Peppermint mocha”. I prefer to make a special order, that is; half sweet with the use of skim milk and decaf coffee these days. My stomach appreciates me so much more for this simple, yet complex request, let alone my nervous system. Have you seen this seasonal coffee with the little colorful sprinkles at your local coffee house yet? Oh yummy!

Starbucks current seasonal hot drink menu

2 - I am thankful for finally obtaining a family doctor, a rare thing here I am told, and luckily it happened in record time too apparently. I am thrilled we now have a doctor for referring us to specialists, and the ability to prescribe specialty items or mandatory blood tests for those in our family requiring them. As well I am thrilled with his thorough attention to details, and skilled assessments. Yahoo!

3 - I am thankful for my lavender essential oil in a hot bath later in the evening, when the house is quiet, the lights are dimmed, and there's not a peep to beckon me to them, in the still of the night. Sleep comes a bit easier after having one of these long soaks. I recommend it highly to all. The children love it too, not just me of course.

4 - I am thankful for children who don’t mind working hard to help out, sometimes grumbling a bit, sometimes not at all, though they roll up their sleeves to pitch in. Teaching all our children “the value of the dollar” has been high on our list of mandatory items to convey the importance of finances with them.

Sometimes no monetary amount can equal the experience of simply offering a hand to another person in need, no strings attached....just because. This is another valuable teaching children need to learn.

Last month, the two older children delivered flyers door to door, community to community and farm to farm, assisting in a gentleman’s City Councilor’s political campaign ambitions.

Last week they were hired by the piano teacher to rake her yard of leaves. No easy task, there are many dozen mature oak and maple trees that are bare now, their leaves on the ground for all to step deep within. The task was complete after several hours with them at the helm, rakes in hand, happily egging on the teacher to keep up her raking alongside of them.

Also, this weekend, our older son here assisted me in literally gutting the kitchen in a spring cleaning like workbee. All the appliances were wiped down and buffed to a shine, every counter was cleared and swabbed, the sink cleaned, every small kitchen appliance was washed and many of these were able to fit into the dishwasher to get a good scrubbing.

All the fish tanks were cleaned as well, so we have happy little fishies again.

5 - I am thankful for the brilliant idea of Costco selling three floor mops together in bulk! After all the bathrooms were complete by yours truly, all the children pitched in and all four floor mops were moving madly about, for two scrubbings, floorboards to wallboards, nice and clean now.

6 - I am thankful for a good book after a day’s work when the muscles lay screaming to settle down.

7 - I am so thankful for my Fed Ex man and the UPS guy, who bring me multiple orders each month. Some orders contain special items for hubby, some contain BOOKS, my most valued earthly possession addiction.

8 - I am thankful for my little post office similar to my Fed Ex and UPS deliverers, as she now knows my interests and found me a few contacts for things I personally wish to find out more about. She too happily hands over many parcels since we’ve moved here and has invited us to her family farm to meet her animals, horses too.

Recent book order to complete our World History 1 & 2 high school "Living History" reading requirements for the second semester in the New Year. Alas, the book orders cease for a time!