Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Daughter arrives just fine...

Leaving on a jet plane...

Tonight we awaited our daughter's arrival at the airport, her flight arriving promptly.

The jet was filled with passengers all waiting to disembark, and very slowly they all worked their way into the terminal area where their relatives and friends were eagerly waiting to greet them.

Waiting with the luggage cart

She had a great flight with only one longer layover, and all was well with the lovely little crackers offered to her onboard. With novel in hand, and crossword puzzle book there too, she relaxed and enjoyed the flight from the west to the eastern lands.

Warm greetings awaited her

The children are so excited to share their new home, animals and area with a sibling they are about to explode. Sleep will be precious tonight, I can tell already...

Say cheese

Our time together begins with an early call tomorrow, so I'll keep this short.