Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Super Heroes

From comic book stories to real life, let's just forget about the popular Spiderman films presently occupying space at local video stores!

Frankly, there are no comparisons from the original “Marvel” comic books to the films. In fact, imagination being the most amazing “save the day” mind conjured ability, I must announce that I know so for a fact, for we had a most amazing “save the day” experience occur here this week, with a visit from Spiderman himself.

Yes folks! This is true!

The artsy sketched character came to life and was present before our very eyes. We fretted for some time after witnessing the most amazing flying feat for the sole purpose of saving a young damsel in distress, assisting her in a fine classic moment, with spider web swinging to and fro motions, for what could have been at any time, a life threatening moment. He gathered this young maiden, scooping her up tenderly, setting her down gently within her safe haven home. We are forever in his debt for this moment of sheer bravery.

Valiant efforts were made to save the day for this young damsel in distress!

There’s never a dull moment here folks!

In fact, it's another (!) deja vu around here with son number four doing the same things his older brothers once did.

At least he's not climbing the brick fireplace like another attempted!!!

Honestly, for all this make belief, I wonder if it all began in our home from the spun remnants of my hubby’s frequent visits to the local grocery stores as a teen, solely for the purpose of purchasing the latest and greatest tales of those “Super Heroes” in comic book form. Stacks and stacks of these spellbinding stories surrounded the bookshelves in his bedroom, where he and his younger brothers spent time reading the next thrilling episode of the continued tales. Guess what type of conversations he graced me with at times, and I obliged him by listening attentively each and every weekly session as he excitedly recounted the stories he had been reading all week long. Jeepers! Who knew more about them? Him or me? *laugh*

When we married, guess where all those comic books were moved to?

There have been many moments over the years when our own children have been inflicted with the wonderful world of “Marvel” comic hero tales.

As I mentioned above, forget the current movies, keep with the comics, but look for the older issues as they were the best. Unfortunately, most of these issues are now collector items, and to think hubby used to have many number 1 issues at one point, worth a fortune now. Oh well...

One of the well worn copies in our
library still getting read often.

Imagination runs wild; capes fly high and float around building corners every now and then, with another episode of an adventurous hero out to save the day.

Until next time then folks, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's.....