Saturday, November 11, 2006

Crazy for horses!

Crazy for horses!

Some would call her "horse crazy", some would say she's "horse nutty", but in general she's just "crazy for horses", horse anything in fact.

She was presented with a weekly job acting as a "mother's helper", now committed until the new year once a week, to assist a woman we met here with a newly born premature baby and four other young children at home.

With money already burning her pocket walls, we made a stop this week for this daughter to make her investment purchase for future horse adventures. She wanted her very own helmet, the "show" type, assorted brushes (body brush, face brush, mane brush and rubber curry comb), hoof pick, and crop whip to get her “Ali horse” trotting well. She already owns her own lead rope (horse shank), making her own during the summer horse camp she had attended. Her new tote tray is ready to go to the stables for her new weekly "horse experience" working in the barn now before and after her riding lessons grooming horses for the evening.

See my goodies!

Yes, the barns are already well stocked with everything she may need to use on the horses there, but she finds the brushes extremely dirty, always ending the evening with a lovely part beard and moustache of dirt all over her face. Also, the helmet she’s been wearing to date was that of a riding club stash, and owning her own was a good investment.

Ah, the horse books are filtering slowly but surely into the family library, absolutely a self driven education for personal gain has developed, and now the horses next door were brushed at the fence yesterday, also loving the attention from these two neighbor girls.

Yes (you got it!), the younger daughter had to have her very own horse brush too, and although her riding lessons have ceased until the spring, she too is on the road to owning her own stash of horsy goods as well.