Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pillow pals

Pillowy pals...

A lovely lady for a ballerina girl

When we are able to venture out and meet hubby for lunch these past few months, the trip is rather long to say the least, so the DVDs are packed up for the drive and while out in the major city, mom carries along an agenda the children must endure just as she must endure listening to videos along the drive herself.

It hasn't proven terribly horrible though for a few children to be dragged into some of the "Home" shops I like to frequent while in the city, for now they know perfectly well what treasures may be lurking while coerced shopping events are forced upon them, sitting there to feast their eyes on shelves within the store's aisles.
Ducky duck to add to the other friendly pals..

To date it would appear as though "Pillow Pals" have become the decor of preference since the summer, sitting lovely on top of freshly made beds. We carried one such "Pillow Pal" to our grandson for his recent birthday when we flew west in September, an adorable one another son just had to have for his own room too. "Now we're like twins" he said.

Mom, his little nose just fell off. Can you sew it back on?

But the monkey pals have long since been in the tradition of this family with other sons and their cousin, so this request never came as a great surprise.
Here are a few of the children's "finds". You like them too?

Baa Baaaaaa