Monday, November 27, 2006

Start them young!

I’m sharing a picture of our young grand-daughter here today.

Life skills begin at a young age.

Here Mommy, I'm your helper...

No one can mistake the sweet face of an eager and contented spirit, volunteering her services to become her mother's little helper, much to mommy’s chagrin of course.

Angelic smiles are certainly not scarce to the observer; an obvious childlike curiosity to the wonderful world around her and her new found walking mobility at an early age has her into everything all the time.

Here, the inner dishwasher holdings are at her eye level, somehow having opened the lid all by herself.

Peeping in and walking around the front of the lid, she admired the inner offerings not even an arm's length away, with a most joyful temptation before her, to reach out and touch the contents, pulling utensils out, and then offering things to mommy when caught in the act.


Very cute!