Saturday, November 11, 2006

On the road soon.

How much can one jam into a quick visit?

We found out a whole lot was possible!

It was a whirlwind visit, all too short and sweet, however our daughter was transported from our life here in the east, back to the city airport on time and is now flying in the upper reaches of the skies, heading once again towards the west coast.

Comparing quality & prices from the east to the west...

Our early morning alarm had all rise while still dark outside and on the road for the journey in the wee hours, VERY early in fact, so a coffee stop was in order along the way, soon after leaving the driveway for both hubby and daughter. Mom needs to wait a bit, and besides I had my own agenda (wink, wink).

At the airport we noted the changes there in just a few days, with much in the way of Christmas decor all about, white posts wrapped with red tinsel and dressed up to look like candy canes, and a huge christmas tree in the center of the lobby with bobbles and lights all lit up for us. It was fun and festive walking through the terminal heading for the waiting room after check in was complete.

Just me and my baby sister!

After saying our "see you again soons", we drove off and made a quick visit to the gas station for a fill up, then for a "mommy kind of coffee" at the local Starbucks (remember my agenda mentioned above, this was it!) as you might recall it's a long journey from our home to the nearest store.

Today, I was most amused to note the seemingly early Christmas decor there as well, maybe a coincidence along with the airport terminal, though thinking how fast it will soon be here.

I decided upon the new "Gingerbread Latte", now being offered at these coffee establishments, though I request...half sweet, triple shot, whip with nutmeg topping.

Can you say....Good Morning?


I sipped that warm baby on the journey home, one little sip at a time, savoring the flavor, warming my hands while holding onto it and never wanting to set it down. Need I say I throughly enjoyed this little treat today?

Festive treats for the road...