Friday, November 10, 2006

Down By The Bay

A fabulous fall day, not too cool, therefore we all grabbed snacks and water to venture towards the beach waters today and a "country drive".

The rip roaring, ear pounding, thunderous sounds were incredible and coming from the intense rush of the waves pounding the sandy shores. Isn't it amazing that people are actually able to fall asleep to this sound?

Down by the bay....

The beach was quite barren today, though a few others were out walking their dog, or driving about to simply sit there and take in the sights and sounds with windows rolled down in the vehicle.

Shells were scattered on the beach sands, not many skipping rocks were here today.

All looked wonderful to us.

Not too many skipping stones at this bay, only shells

Photographer daddy trying his hand at a diagonal shot

And the Eastern family together for the Christmas cards.

Final note; All eyes are open!